Our customers use Planday to make running their businesses simpler and more efficient

By using Planday, we save money per person each month

Travis Fish

Everybody likes the simplicity of Planday

Adrian Hendry

Planday pays for itself by saving on management time

Simon Harrow

Learn how businesses around the world use Planday

Slurp Ramen

Slurp Ramen is bringing new and innovative food concepts to Copenhagen! And they use Planday to keep things running smoothly.

Enoteca da Luca

This trendy London wine bar has multiple locations with different needs, but use Planday to keep everyone on track.

The Bronx Arts Ensemble

The Bronx Arts Ensemble aims to bring the arts to every corner of their community, but scheduling classes and teachers was complicated before they started using Planday.

Riddle and Finns

Riddle and Finns is a modern seafood restaurant and oyster bar. Hear how General Manager Jonathan Davis uses Planday to keep staff across two sites engaged and up to date.

Rumba Cubana

This authentic Cuban restaurant in New York wanted a staff scheduling tool that engaged employees rather than alienating them. With Planday, employees have more control over their working hours and personal time.

Gasoline Grill

One of the best burger joints in Copenhagen has been using Planday for years to manage employees across multiple locations throughout the city.

A few words from our customers

Having Planday in place means that we are able to grow quickly, efficiently and easily. By using Planday, we save money per person each month by having a detailed overview of everyone’s shifts.

Travis Fish, Bababoom Kebab

Prior to Planday, our HR manager spent about 5 hours weekly on staff scheduling, and with Planday in place he can do it in a few clicks within minutes. I also really appreciate the Punch Clock feature. The staff can simply clock in and out with their smartphone, making life easier for everyone.

Thomas Greenall, Bespoke Hotels

The care home sector requires a lot of documentation. Care inspectors will come in and notice we have changed a policy. In the past, we had to print the policy out, hand it to all members of staff, have them physically come to the office and sign to confirm they read it. Now we can send it out as an attachment in Planday and have them confirm they’ve read it through the system.

Adrian Hendry, Avondale Care

I would say that Planday probably saves me about 1-2 hours per week on scheduling issues.

Scott Podgor , Rosemont Health & Fitness

Once we got set up, we never looked back and couldn’t imagine running our business without it!

Carina Sodergren, Velo & Oxygen Bike Shop

Here are just some of the features that will help with your rota management

It doesn’t matter whether you have 30 employees or 300, making sure that you plan for every eventuality is time consuming and labour intensive. Take a look at how our staff rota software can help you to manage, communicate and stay on top of your staff and business needs easily.

Planday Feature

See financial reports in the schedule

In the Schedule, you can see hours worked, payroll costs, revenue, the percentage of revenue paid in salaries, and how that aligns with your targets. With this feature, you can instantly see an in-depth report on your business metrics as you build your schedule.

Planday Feature

Staff rota templates

You’ve probably already got your staff rota template set up, that’s not a problem, simply recreate it in Planday. Making minor adjustments is straightforward too, so you can be completely flexible, whatever happens on a week by week basis

Planday Feature

Manage employee availability easily

Employees can inform their manager when they prefer to work. They can also edit their availability in real-time so that it’s always up to date. This makes for happier employees and less time spent updating the schedule to accommodate requests.