Welcome to our new series, Life at Planday! Every month, we feature a Plandayer from one of our offices around the world, from Copenhagen to Hanoi. This month, we spoke to Marie Ellis, our rockstar Field Marketing Manager based in the London office.    

What is Field Marketing?

Field marketing is a branch of marketing, in which brands showcase their product in front of potential customers “out in the field.” Field marketing initiatives include promotions, product sampling and demos, guerrilla marketing and direct sales. You can see examples of field marketing everywhere in your daily life – music festivals, events and even in retail stores.

Why did you choose a career in Marketing?

My gateway to marketing was through the entertainment industry and film, as I have always been interested in the way that brands promote their products in that field. As a student, I worked for various field marketing and promotional agencies. I also ran a Students Union nightclub at university, which is how I came into contact with brands that ran marketing activities in bars. After that, I worked in multiple areas within marketing in the film, entertainment, and TV industries including ODEON cinemas, MTV and TVPlayer.

What attracted you to Planday?

Before joining Planday over a year ago, I worked in the TV and film industry for many years, but straight out of university I started my career working in hospitality and events. I was approached about working on events for a ‘cool Danish startup’ on Linkedin by a recruiter and was curious about the link between hospitality and technology.

After researching the company, I found that they offered a tool, which would have helped me all of those years ago, when I managed staff in nightclubs and bars. Working with technology and forward-thinking brands that help people has always been a passion of mine. I really wanted to become a part of Planday, because I could personally relate to what it’s like to create shift schedules in busy environments.

What also really attracted me to the company was the commitment to their people and culture, which was evident throughout the whole recruitment process. I really liked everyone I met during the recruitment process and could tell that I’d get on great with them on a day-to-day basis.

What do you love about your role?


The fantastic team

My colleagues are amazing and I love working with both the UK and global teams. I often work independently, because I’m out of the office at events, so it’s nice to have a small family to come back to after a busy day out.

What I love about Planday is that there are many hugely talented people on the marketing team and within the company. There are lots of exciting plans on the product roadmap for the upcoming year and it is my job to bring things to life through field marketing opportunities in collaboration with them. The teams are all incredibly supportive of one another and we always find the time to spend time together to celebrate each other’s successes.

Great product

As a person, it is important for me to work for a brand I feel passionate about. During my time running bars and nightclubs, I used to run shifts with up to 50 bar staff, so I understand the pain-points of running a business with shift-based workers. Planday is fully committed to developing the product and the emphasis is always on creating ‘WOW’ moments for customers. Everyone lives for this and you can feel the energy throughout the company.

An inspiring senior management team

The members of the senior management team are all incredibly inspiring and accomplished leaders, but above all they are all very accessible. For example, when the CEO visits the London office, he always stops by our desks to say hello and see how we’re doing. Similarly, the whole Senior Management team in the UK has an open door policy, which means you can chat to them quite openly at any time.

We live and breathe our company values

I am a very high energy person and thrive in an ever-evolving environment, which is why the fast-growth ethos of Planday suits me. The company lives and breathes its values, and I especially love the ‘Umph!’ value, which means to go beyond what’s expected to achieve success.

Opportunity to have an impact

I love working in a startup environment, although in all honesty we’re more of a scale up at this stage. My favourite part is being able to make a tangible impact through the work that I do. The advantage of working in a company of Planday’s size and agility is that you can be involved in both the strategy and the execution and have your voice be truly heard. You are completely empowered to run your own projects and trusted to drive amazing results.

If you could give someone new to Planday one piece of advice, what would it be?


Don’t worry about a thing and expect support in each and every step of the way. During my first week at Planday, I was flown to our Headquarters in Copenhagen for an immersive introductory training session and to meet the team. The induction week comprises of the senior management introducing you to the company department by department and you are immediately made to feel part of the Planday family. My first week coincided with the yearly Company day, which is a day full of insights and strategy with colleagues from all around the globe, followed by a huge party.

My advice to anyone joining Planday would be that you can shape your role to be whatever you want it to be. Put forward your ideas. Collect feedback. Everyone is valued and if you want to do something to improve your area, then you are encouraged to do it!

Come work with Marie and the rest of the Marketing team—we’re looking for passionate, creative people to help us grow. Check out all our open roles!

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