By day Anne Skov Myrup helps power the Planday platform as our Product Director, by night she’s chasing after her kids, knitting and on Snapchat with her parents. The Planday Blog sat down with Anne and had a … yarn (sorry, not sorry!)… about how she makes it all happen.

Anne Skov Myrup Product director at Planday

“Before I started working at Planday I needed some change. I was looking for an agile environment to work in and came across Planday. We have a very cool product and one that brings a lot of value to our customers, that’s very important to me,” Anne says. 

Anne’s key to success is getting things done and delivering a better experience for the hundreds of thousands of people who trust Planday to power their every day. A fast-moving agile environment means every day’s tasks are linked to customers’ needs and delivered in a way that helps them concentrate on what really matters. 

Starting as a Product Manager, Anne is now a Product Director and has responsibility for the Planday product, growing and nurturing the talent in the product team and the product roadmap based on feedback from and collaboration with customers

Anne’s a busy person and there’s a lot to do with that responsibility on your shoulders, so we threw a few quick questions at her to see how she makes it all happen every day. 

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What’s a typical day look like when you’re building a platform like Planday?

I don’t think there’s anything like a typical day. But every day I am collaborating with the team about new features and releases, meeting with customers to get feedback on how to help them work smarter, not harder and then working in an agile way with the rest of the development team to help deliver a stronger product.

Anne Skov Myrup Product director at Planday working
So what’s it like to work at Planday?

We have a very special culture of people who work well together — and that’s a real value Planday has. It’s a group of really smart and dedicated people who are great fun to work with and who work and function really well as a team.

After three years at Planday, how would you describe it in three words?

Ambitious. Fun. Good at what we do.

(That’s not one word, but it’s true!)

What’s your favourite Planday value?

Definitely umphf — it’s a bit different. It means going the extra mile, working across different teams and working together to make stuff happen. That’s the difference I feel working at Planday and it’s a big part of why I enjoy the role and the team.

UMPHF Planday value
When you’re not at Planday, where would we find you?

Chasing after my kids. Definitely. Or cleaning up after them. It’s a bit boring — but that’s what happens.

Other than chasing after kids, what’s something other Plandayers would not know about you?

On maternity leave, after the baby comes you have to figure out what else to do with the time. So I started to learn how to knit! I’ve done some stuff for the kids but one day I want to knit something for myself… maybe a Planday sweater. It just takes time!

Knitting pieces from Anne Skov Myrup Product director at Planday
What empowers you?

I am really empowered by trust — that the people I work with trust in me and the work I do. And then also freedom, that you have the freedom to run with your tasks and do what feels right as long as you know what the boundaries and goals are.

What was the most important turning point in your career?

I think it was when I came back from maternity leave, because I had the option to try something new. And luckily Planday trusted me to give me the opportunity to become a Product Director so I could try to bring even more value to Planday and our product team.

Where are we most likely to find you on social media?

I’m not a big user of it. I think I use the usuals — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. I got my parents to go on Snapchat mainly because they wanted to see pictures of my kids. So that’s a highly-used platform at our house at the moment.

Weird question for a Dane, but what’s your favourite Danish word?

It means kindergarten teacher.

And your favourite European city?

Definitely Copenhagen. It’s just nice. It has a lot of cool places to visit and it’s small enough so you can bike around to see what you want to see. And there’s a lot of cool neighbourhoods that are all very different. So you can find very different cultures and people by almost crossing one street and going from one neighbourhood to another.

If you got a chance to give your 18-year-old self advice, what would you say?

Don’t think so much about it. It will work itself out. You don’t have to know right now what you want to become when you grow up. I still don’t completely know what I want to be when I grow up!

You’ll figure it out along the way, right!?

Figuring it out is something Anne does every day. 

From being a leader in the team which is building a platform that powers hundreds of thousands of shift workers around the world to knitting something cozy to get through the Copenhagen winter, there’s a red thread that ties her intuitive approach to smart systems that get the job done.

If you like the sound of this approach and want to help change the way people work around the world, head over to our careers page and join us. Who knows, we might even see you in a Life at Planday on The Planday Blog one day!

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