No two markets and no two hospitality businesses are responding to COVID-19 in the same way. But as the UK sets its mind to a safe re-opening in the coming weeks, we invited Tenzo Co-Founder Christian Mouysset into our recent UK hospitality webinar to dive into the data from around the world. Here’s what the trends could mean for your business. 

As a global restaurant analytics company, Tenzo has a unique insight into how different markets are adapting to the different stages of COVID-19 restrictions locally to help illustrate what that could mean for markets like the UK which are still in lockdown.

What happened in part one?

In part one of our webinar series, Tenzo ran through the impact the initial few weeks of lockdown had on the UK hospitality sector and the amazing stat that supermarkets — which normally provide ingredients for 50 to 60% of all meals — jumped up to more than 95% of all meals, which meant they saw trade at levels higher than Christmas.

UK stats on supermarket sales during covid-19
Now, Tenzo’s data shows the number of hospitality businesses that are starting to re-open has continued to gradually increase, with a number of the UK’s biggest brands now starting to phase a re-opening of their locations, while others continue delivery-only services but are starting to trial re-opening strategies.

Christian says the trend of fewer people dining out is set to continue, even when lockdowns start to ease. According to analysis from the UK market:

  • 51% of people say they are concerned about going to a restaurant in the future
  • Meanwhile, only 32% of people are concerned about cooking at a friend’s house
  • And 78% are not concerned about ordering delivery 

Meanwhile, using Tenzo’s restaurant analytics data from China, Christian says there are two key take-outs for hospitality businesses from trends in the market there. 

First, consumers want to have confidence in your health and safety. 75% of Chinese consumers rank health and wellness top among their meal choices. Second, older consumers are using apps and social media-based restaurant purchases for the first time. This opens access to a new segment of the market that’s not really engaged with the restaurant industry in this way before. 

What should hospitality businesses do now?

So here are the three things Christian says you should think about now:

Delivery options

Diversify away from eat-in

  • Delivery
  • Click & collect
  • Curbside pickup
  • DIY home meals

Think about your menu

  • Healthy meal options
  • Streamline the menu to keep it simple to understand
  • Look at the data to keep only the best sellers on the menu
  • Make sure you price items to make enough margin post-delivery charges

Communicate with your customers about the safety of your product

  • Explain at each every occasion what you are doing to ensure the safety of your team and your customers

Want to know what this means for your business?

Watch the full webinar here.

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