Who we are

We’re changing the way shift-based businesses operate

Planday is a technology company that was born in a Danish bar. We’ve come a long way since our cofounders first dreamed up a tool that would make scheduling and communicating more straightforward. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we’re well-placed to provide businesses with a solution that meets their unique needs.

Powered by some of the smartest people in the world, and driven by a growth-centric business model, we’re not only changing the way businesses across the world operate, but also how managers and employees fundamentally interact with each other.

The upside for employers using Planday is that they can more easily create and maintain the optimal schedule, taking things like staffing needs, budget, employee availability, and workforce regulations into account.


Our purpose

Redefining the interaction between businesses and employees

“With a smartphone in everyone’s pockets, there’s a huge opportunity to create connections between employees and businesses that didn’t exist before. We want to help businesses move away from cumbersome, manual processes and into ways of working that make the interaction between hourly employees and their workplaces real-time and collaborative. That shift will fundamentally change the way employees find work and the way businesses operate.”

— Christian Brøndum, Planday CEO

The fun stuff


Happy employees


Offices worldwide




Coffee machines


Jars of Nutella per week

We want to be a driving force in an emerging ecosystem that enables and empowers hourly workers.

Planday CEO, Christian Brøndum

Our values

Our values are the secret sauce behind Planday's success


Work smarter to grow our business on all levels


We do what we say and say what we do


Go beyond what's expected to achieve success


The best results are achieved together


Encourage people to make impactful decisions

The places we call home

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